Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hunting - Yes or No?

I just spent three days in the mountains of Northern Utah and so enjoyed it. The cool temperatures were exhilarating. The fall colors are starting to fade, but there were enough bright yellow leaves on the quaking aspens, the brilliant red orange on the oak brush, both set against a background of green pines and clear blue skies with puffy clouds making an awesome sight as we drove our ranger looking for elk. Didn't see many elk, but the deer were plentiful, mostly does and fawns enjoying the nice days. Now and again a big moose would show itself and turkeys and grouse could be seen hunting and pecking in the tall grass.

It was on one of these types of camping trips that my story, Hunting Honeymoon, was thought up. Oh, we now stay in either our cozy cabin or our motorhome with lots of conveniences (yes, flushing toilets) but in our younger days, we took our tent and had some really fun times camping.

Hunting Honeymoon brings back memories of trips where I had to find a brush to hide behind because there was no outhouse. The frustration of having my husband off hunting with his brother and friends. The warm feeling of sitting around a campfire. We cooked over the fire with Dutch ovens and I still feel like our food tasted better when we did.

I'd love you to read Hunting Honeymoon and let me know how you enjoyed it. It's available in ebook exclusively from

So, I ask -- Hunting -- yes or no!

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey