Monday, July 23, 2012

Thought for the Day

Love at First Sight is easy to understand.
It's when two people
Have been looking at each other for years
That it becomes a miracle.

Isn't this the truth?
There's nothing like the excitement of new love, the pounding of your heart when you see that special someone for the first time.  But after being together for years, you get to be comfortable and know what makes a person tick.  Isn't it a miracle to still be able to love and continue loving.

I hope everyone gets to experience that "love at first sight."
Then I wish for everyone that miracle of long-lasting, long-sharing love of being together for years.

My aunt and uncle had been married over seventy-two years.  It's hard to believe people can remain in love after all that time, but they were.  My folks were together for more than fifty years.  They were still in love when we lost my mom.  Isn't that a wonderful miracle?

I wish you all the miracle of falling in love.  May your love become a miracle after years of togetherness.

K. R. Bailey

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm scheduled for a booksigning on July 17.  It's exciting because I'll have copies of my newest book, Secrets of Wolf Creek Pass, along with copies of my older books, Murder and Lies, Never Too Late, My Love and Dangerous Deception.  This booksigning is at a hospital, yes, I said the hospital in Bountiful, Utah.  I raised my eyebrows when I first signed up and found out we're signing books at a hospital, but then I got to thinking, how often are you at a hospital and sitting, waiting, wishing you had something to read?  Perhaps you wish you had a small gift for a patient.  Books are perfect.  I think all of us have been there, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Let's talk about booksignings.  Here's some things I've been told:

1.  Don't sit at the table waiting for people to come to you.  They probably won't.  It's intimidating to approach a table where an author sits staring surrounded by her books just wanting to scream out, buy one, please.  Okay, I have sat at the table, but I make sure to make eye contact with people, smile, and ask them if they like to read or if they'd like some candy.  I chuckle because I love to have a bowl of candy kisses on my table.  Chocolate seems to draw in people, young and old.  The little kids want candy and drag their parents, grandma, or aunt over to the table.  Perfect chance to smile and make conversation.  If men come in, I usually ask if they'd like a kiss from a romance author.  Sometimes you get a blush from those big strapping men.  Other times they just laugh and accept the candy.  And once in awhile, they admit they're looking to buy a gift for their girlfriend or wife or significant other.  Opens the door to talk to people.

2.  Know where the restrooms, drinking fountain and exits are.  You'll be helpful.  People will appreciate it.  Offer them a card to remember you. 

3.  Find a way to talk to potential buyers.  Work the room.  Make the first move to say hello.  Ask what they like to read.  Find a way to converse with the public, and remember, you want them to remember you.

4.  I took a class from Marcia James on PR amd it was great.  If you ever have the opportunity too take one of her classes, they're definitely worth it.  Anyway, I remember she said the success of a booksigning is not how many books you sell but to get your name out there.  When people see your name and start to recognize you, then they'll go looking for your books.  A booksigning is the perfect way to get your name in front of the public.

At this booksigning, I'm going to have a drawing for a free copy of my book, Murder and Lies.  It's the first time I've done this so I'm hoping it will generate some interest.   Have any of you authors ever done this and did it work for you?

I'd love to hear from my readers.  What things do you like to see an author do at a booksigning?
Authors, what have you found works the best for you?

Help me out please.

Happy Reading!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Letting Love Win

Alysia S Knight has a new book, Letting Love Win, expected to be released by Crimson Romance on July 16.  She’s going to be my guest blogger the same week it comes out so be sure and stop back by and learn about this new author. 
 In the meantime, here a blurb from her new book, Letting Love Win:
There’s a Will and Rand Monroe’s found a way around it. To retain ownership of Roe Technology, his grandfather’s Will stipulates an heir, not marriage. Rand hires a surrogate to have his child. Things are looking good until the surrogate changes her mind at the last minute, and there’s a power failure.

Delivering a flower arrangement to her doctor’s office leads to Kiley Adams getting a pap smear, but when the lights go out, she gets a whole lot more. Now the innocent is faced with being pregnant before ever making love to a man. The father of her baby is a man who’s used to getting things he wants. It quickly becomes evident that he wants her.

Things might not be so bad if she hadn’t started falling in love with him the first moment she hit him in the head with a door at the doctor’s office. It also might be easier if someone wasn’t out to kill her.