Monday, February 22, 2016

Life - Live it Sunny Side Up

I've been away from my computer this past month. Health and family issues have taken precedence. I'm sure many of you have encountered these types of blips along the way. But I'm happy to say, life has evened out, health issues in the family are getting somewhat better. I'm now hopeful I can get back to writing.

As I was going through some mail, I found a couple of thoughts I want to share with you. They made me do some deep thinking.

Live for Today
Dream of Tomorrow

I think I can safely say many of us have trouble not letting our dreams take over the present. We need to live today, in the here and now. Experience the things life gives us. Yes, I know some days are harder than others and we need to take a little time and dream, but don't let your dreams overtake your every hour. Take steps to accomplish things today. Work on accomplishing your dream, but never let your dreams make you forget to smile at something, spend time with those you love, enjoy the little things that make life good, and find time to tell someone you love them.

In other words....

Live life sunny side up!

(Wish I could take credit for these thoughts, but I can't and I'm sorry, I don't know who said them)

Read a good book -- Give someone a hug -- Be Happy

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey