Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview with Terri J. Lynn, Author

I’m excited to be able to introduce Terri J. Lynn to you. She’s a good friend of mine and if you haven’t read her book, Forbidden Fire, you need to get a copy. She graciously agreed to talk with me and answer some questions regarding her writing.

1: Tell us about your book "Forbidden Fire."
"Forbidden Fire" is the story of Jenny Lange and her brother, Josh. She is engaged to Karl Dunstan, a man she doesn’t love, but Jenny knows he will kill her if he finds out her real reason for becoming his fiancĂ©e. Jenny and her brother have decided to seek justice through revenge.
When Karl brings in the Pinkerton Detective Agency to catch the outlaws robbing his stagecoach line, she knows it is foolhardy to continue, or is it? One last robbery on the only unguarded stage could financially ruin Karl and force him to sell the ranch and the childhood home that she and her brother, Josh, want to get back, and they would buy it with Karl’s money. Then she could break her engagement to Karl, a man she knows is responsible for the death of her parents.

When she meets Pinkerton Detective Cliff Rancord, she knows he will do whatever he has to do to catch the bandits robbing Karl’s stages. What she doesn’t bargain for is the instant attraction between them, an attraction that could be her undoing. As long as she is around him, she is in danger of losing her heart, as well as her freedom and possibly her life at the end of a hangman’s noose.

2: What inspired you to write "Forbidden Fire?"
I read the true story of Pearl Hart, who committed the last stagecoach robbery in the old west in Arizona Territory in 1899. Although her reasons were foolish, it inspired me to write a novel about a woman committing such robberies for what she believes is the right reason.

3: How can readers get a copy?
You can purchase a copy from by going to their store, typing in Forbidden Fire, then adding it to your shopping cart. You can get an e-published copy at or contact Terri J. Lynn at her website listed below.

4: I understand you’re working on a sequel. Can you tell us a little about it?
The sequel is titled "Forbidden Quest." It is the story of Josh Lange, the younger brother of Jenny. In the ten years since the man who killed their parents died, Josh has purchased and developed a successful ranch with his partner, Gabe Andrie. He feels he never will be as lucky in love as his sister but has developed a busy life and is content. When he goes into town one Saturday night, he meets Maria in the local bordello and assumes she is a newly hired working girl. His tremendous attraction to the dark-haired beauty with the luminous brown eyes is not lessened when she runs from him, but he has no way of knowing the terrible secret she hides.

5: Have you always wanted to be an author?
I have loved to write since I was in high school, but only after the children were grown and on their own, and I retired from a business career could I realize my dream of writing on a full-time basis. I am an avid reader and love stories set in the western United States.

6: Tell us about yourself.
I was born and raised in Washington State and have also lived in Montana, Arizona and now Utah. I live with my wonderful husband, Jerry. We share our home with Grizzly, the happiest dog in the world, and Shadow, our aristocratic cat. I have three children and three grandchildren. I have been lucky enough to pursue what I love to do most: writing.

7: Are you working on other stories? Can you tell us a little about any of them?
"Shadow of Time" is a time travel story set in modern day Arizona.

Jesse Warner is on his way home after years of working as a cowhand. A freak August storm forces him to take cover in a cave. The next morning, nothing is what it used to be, and his horse is gone. With no options, he walks to the nearest homestead and, unknowingly, into the 21st century.

After a devastating personal relationship, Samantha wants no man in her life. Fearful that her ex-boyfriend will find her, she moves to the remote desert outside Golden Valley, Arizona, an area so desolate it has changed little in the last 100 years. One year later, her goal of moving to Hollywood and pursuing an acting career is within sight, but she doesn’t bargain on the tall, ruggedly handsome stranger who walks out of the desert and into her life. Unable to turn away from someone in need, she allows Jesse to stay in the old barn on the property she rents until he is able to move on.

Samantha’s total independence has been a hard fought battle, but Jesse’s kisses are a powerful and intoxicating aphrodisiac. Is their growing love strong enough to keep them together or will their two worlds tear them apart?

8: Do you have any advice for new authors?
Join a writers’ critique group. There is nothing I look forward to more than my critique meetings. It is a way for like-minded people to critique your work honestly, and generally speaking, I have found that they give kind but honest reviews, which help you grow as a writer.

DON’T GIVE UP. When you send a synopsis or queries to a literary agent or a publisher, you will get rejection letters. However, I have never known an author who hasn’t gotten one. Every rejection letter you receive gets you one step closer to the literary agent or publisher who wants your work.

Join your national and local RWA groups. This gives you wonderful access to information about the nuts and bolts of writing, literary agents and publishers, and you meet people with your same interests. You will make many new and lasting friends.

9: How can readers contact you?
My readers can contact me at

Terri J. Lynn, thank you so much. I wish you the very best in your writing endeavors.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

K R. Bailey lives in a small Utah community with her husband and their dog, Max. She loves to travel , meeting new people and gathering background for her stories. She also takes pleasure in spending time at their cabin in the Utah mountains, enjoying the wildlife and feeding the hummingbirds which abound.

She’s an avid reader and especially enjoys a murder mystery or a good western historical. She believes life is full of romance and loves writing about it in each of her stories.

She’s currently at work on a full-length novel, a romantic suspense full of twists and turns that will delight her readers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day - A Day for Love

Nothing says I love You like flowers, candy and a good book. Of course, you can add a candlelight dinner, jewelry, a massage, and my favorite, sharing a hot tub together - WOW.

Isn't it great that we are all so different and enjoy various things. As I talked with my friends each of them had distinctive ideas about what they wanted for this Valentine's day. One said she'd love to take a walk with her special someone, hold hands, and enjoy the out doors together. Another said it thrilled her to have her husband make her a homecooked meal with her favorite foods - succulent pork roast, garlic mashed potatoes and chocolate for desert. When I asked her what type of chocolate, she anwered any kind will do. I laughed because she's a girl after my own heart. Give me chocolate and I'm happy. Another friend told me she loved it when her partner brushed her hair. She said it sent tingling sensations from her head to her toes.

There's so many ways to express your love - from a romantic weekend getaway to riding in a convertible with your hair blowing in the wind or simply cuddling up together and enjoying a crackling fire.

Whatever your favorite, take the time to say I love you to that special person in your life. Happy Valentine's Day!