Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays

The Holiday Season is here, and I sincerely want to thank my friends and family and everyone who has supported me this year. I've had a great year and been so blessed. As each of you celebrate this beautiful time of year, my you find peace, love and joy, may you have friends and family around you, and may 2009 bring you happiness. I have already been able to spend time visiting with friends, and on Christmas Day I'll hopefully spend it with family, sharing the all the bounties of Christmas.

Here in Utah we've had snow falling and we are expected to have a white Christmas. That's a real blessing for us in this desert climate. Snow in the mountains definitely assures us of having the water we need to get through the next year.

Have a safe and wondrous holiday season. K. R. Bailey

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pets Add So Much To Our Lives

Most of us have pets – dogs, cats, birds, horses, goats, even pigs. They add so much enjoyment to our lives.
I grew up around horses. My Morgan horse, Racal, became my friend and confidant. Everything in life seemed better when I crawled on his back and went for a ride. I loved sitting in the hay barn, enjoying the smell of hay. I’d pour out my heart to my Rascal as he ate from the manager. I knew he was listening because his ears would move back and forth as I talked. Every once in awhile he’d lean up and nuzzle me as if tell me everything will be okay.
Today my family has a yellow lab. My son bought him, named him Max, then decided to get married and couldn’t keep him. We inherited him and have had him for about six years now. He’s part of the family. It’s always amazing to me that we can be busy and not play with him for a day or so, but whenever we go out, he’s there, wagging his tail, thrilled to see us.
My most unique pet was a young turkey. His name became Beep Beep because when he was little, every time we went by the box we had him in, he’d make a chirping sound like Beep Beep. As he got older, we’d call him and he would coming running and follow us around.
Pets become part of our families, adding happiness, and becoming an integral part of our lives. As I write my stories, you’ll notice that my hero and heroines nearly always have animals in them. A story wouldn’t be real if it didn’t have a dog wagging its tail or a horse wanting to have his neck rubbed. Wouldn’t you agree?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Guardian Angel

I just got a copy of my cover for my new story, My Guardian Angel, and wanted to share it with you.

Here's what my friend, Author S. A. Coumans has to say about my story:

This touchingly sweet love story of finding love again is packed with bittersweet emotion as two mature souls come together in their quest for happiness. With a push from matchmaking family, the two lonely people who’d suffered the recent loss of their spouses, find another chance for love during the Christmas season.

-S.A. Coumans
Author of “A Christmas Wish”

Author Terri J. Lynn says: "Its a wonderful story about hope."