Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Eyesight - So Very Precious

This afternoon my husband told me about a woman who wanted to be blind, and the idea has haunted me. Why would anyone want to live their life in darkness if they didn't have to?

Mind you, I realize many have no choice and live very fulfilling lives, and I applaud them. But if you have sight, why would you ever want to give it up?

November is a month of thanks, and I found myself thinking of how grateful I am for so many things like seeing my granddaughter chasing through the field with our yellow lab, laughing and giggling with such joy, or seeing the pleased grin on the face my young grandson when the family sang happy birthday to him. The joy of my grandchildren staring in wonder at the bright lights on our Christmas tree holding a present with their name creates such unbelievable joy in my heart.

I can't imagine not seeing the face of my granddaughter on her wedding day. There's nothing like the beautiful smile of a young woman in love dressed in a white gown as she walks down the aisle toward her soon to be husband.

I found myself thinking of the first tulips in springtime, the gorgeous summer sunset as the sky lights up in red and orange, the blazing colors of a fall mountain when the leaves are changing, or the pristine beauty of a winter day after a snow storm when the world is draped in white.

So many gorgeous sights. A pheasant with his bright colors shining in the sun. The sight of a cow moose with her baby grazing in a green meadow. The sight of a stately bull elk standing proud against the morning sun.

I'm so grateful to be able to see these things and so much more. My eyesight is precious.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey