Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wise? Or Is It Just Old Age?

I never gave much thought about getting old.  Oh, I remember thinking 25 was old -- oh how foolish - right?  I remember hearing my mother's friend complain about being 45 and I thought I never want to get that old.  Guess what?  I am that old.  In fact, I passed that number awhile back.

Isn't it funny though.  I don't feel any older now than I did years ago.  Oh, I have more aches and pains, but mentally, I feel the same.  I still like alot of the same things.  I still feel like I can do what I used to do.  Too bad my body doesn't always agree.

I remember hearing people say you gain wisdom as you age.  Well, I must have missed the boat because I don't feel any wiser.  But when my granddaughter asks me questions, I can draw on experience to answer her.  Sometimes I even find great answers.  Whatever I say, she looks at me like I'm so smart so maybe wisdom is something you acquire and don't even realize it.

I have to admit, each day brings new experiences.  These experiences are determined by the decisions I make.  Perhaps that's how we gain wisdom -- learning from our past experiences, and at my age, I've had alot of past experience.

What do you think -- what has brought you wisdom?

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Have a great day!