Saturday, May 14, 2016

Small Towns - Yes or No?

I happen to love small towns with their quaint charm. You drive down Main Street and there's usually only one street with ice cream parlors, small restaurants if the town is large enough to have more than one eatery, interesting shops, and nearly always at least one pub or bar. There's usually a lovely old home turned into an inviting bed and breakfast that beckons you to stay. And the people know everyone who live there so you always get stared at. Right? (Grins)

There's usually old home, some even abandoned that holds all kinds of secrets, and there's usually at least one eccentric person who has secrets of their own. Interesting people and interesting places.
That's the drawback. When everyone knows everyone else, they also know everything their neighbors are doing like whose son or daughter got in trouble at school; who's sick, and who's dating -- or sleeping -- with whom.

Okay, maybe everything about small towns isn't rosy, but I love books set in small towns. Neighbors are helpful. There's usually a shared bond you'd never experience in places like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. There may not be theaters and museums but there's almost always a beautiful park for a picnic, lovely scenery perfect for long drives,
farms with all kinds of animals, stately old barns and huge fields -- just a slower way of life.

My story, A Perfect Catch,
takes place in such a place. Friendship Creek is a town I dreamed up where the people are friendly, there's a lovely old mansion turned into a bed and breakfast and a bar where everyone likes to hang out after a long day of fishing..

And just because it's a lovely small town doesn't mean some things are always what they seem. Not everyone is who they profess to be. Even at the quaint bed and breakfast, things happen that profess to have some secret happenings. As the annual fishing derby is just about to start, there are strangers in town. One handsome stranger is there to fish, but he's never been fishing. Coincidence? or perhaps something isn't quite kosher. You'll have to read and find out.

A Perfect Catch is a great read. Try it, you'll enjoy it.

So, I ask you -- small towns? Yes or No! I vote yes.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey