Friday, July 6, 2012

Letting Love Win

Alysia S Knight has a new book, Letting Love Win, expected to be released by Crimson Romance on July 16.  She’s going to be my guest blogger the same week it comes out so be sure and stop back by and learn about this new author. 
 In the meantime, here a blurb from her new book, Letting Love Win:
There’s a Will and Rand Monroe’s found a way around it. To retain ownership of Roe Technology, his grandfather’s Will stipulates an heir, not marriage. Rand hires a surrogate to have his child. Things are looking good until the surrogate changes her mind at the last minute, and there’s a power failure.

Delivering a flower arrangement to her doctor’s office leads to Kiley Adams getting a pap smear, but when the lights go out, she gets a whole lot more. Now the innocent is faced with being pregnant before ever making love to a man. The father of her baby is a man who’s used to getting things he wants. It quickly becomes evident that he wants her.

Things might not be so bad if she hadn’t started falling in love with him the first moment she hit him in the head with a door at the doctor’s office. It also might be easier if someone wasn’t out to kill her.