Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacations - great inspiration for writers

Aren't vacations a great getaway from everyday life? I just returned from a trip to Colorado to visit my sister. We chatted way into the night, took in new sights, ate more than we shuld, but enjoyed the precious time we spent together.

As I sat in Grand Lakes waiting for her to finish her purchases in the town's quilt store, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to find new settings for my stories - the majestic mountains, the beautiful lake, the rustic boardwalk and quaint shops. People watching is a favorite pasttime and I was fascinated as I watched people, looking for new traits I can use in my stories - the way they walk, shuffle and strut; clothing they wore - fashionable, tattered, bundled with jackets even though it was quite warm; hairdos of all kinds, expecially the long, sleek look of today, and expressions and mannerisms. When a few motorcyclists arrived and parked their beautiful bikes, it was interesting to see the various wind-blown hair, bandana turbans, and leather clothing. Things we see everyday, but in a new environment, everything was more vividly written in my mind (and my notebook).

What a great way to inspire a new hero and heroine, a lavish or quaint setting, and a new story idea!