Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kacey Mark Interview

I'd like to welcome Kacey Mark to my blog.

Kacey, thank you for graciously agreeing to be my guest today. 

KR:  Tell us about your journey to become a published author.  Have you always wanted to write?

Kacey:  My love for reading came first. During the summer of my sixteenth year, I fell in love with books. I could finish an entire 300 page novel in one day. It wasn’t until the school year started again, and I had this amazing teacher that actually APPROVED of romance novels, that I decided I’d try to write one.

KR:  You have two books in your Dark Muse Series, A Muse Gone Rogue and A Muse Gone Commando.  Tell us a little about them.

Kacey: I figured that as far as Greek mythology goes, every gift comes with a price. When I came upon the Muse I was sold. They offer so much inspiration, but what are they getting in return? In my books I like to make them more dynamic with a goal: To completely fill the empty ache in their soul, which will give them a shot at mortality. Now if we can just keep those pesky humans from becoming addicted to their powers.  


KR:  Do you anticipate a third in the series?

Kacey:  Not at present. Late in book two, Lochlan, one of my secondary characters, sat up and shook his fist at me. He demanded his own story for all the crap he went through protecting the heroine, so now he’s leading me off on another adventure.

KR:  What inspired your Dark Muse Series?

Kacey:  I love the thought of powerful men with deep, everlasting secrets. Vampires were pretty much out of the bag, so I turned to Greek mythology and the Muse

KR:  If you had to pick your favorite character from your stories, who would it be and why would you choose that person?

Kacey:  I love Kayla from book two. She’s so spunky and determined and she finds out the hard way that she’s still go a lot to learn. Unfortunately she has both the best and worst teacher at her disposal.

KR:  What are you currently working on?

Kacey:  I have a Merry-Go-Round Ran Down inspired ghost story near completion, and Lochlan beating down my door to write THE FALL GUY. Snippets of both are available on my website.

KR:  Who has had the most influence on you as an author?

Kacey:  My first influence was an amazing teacher by the name of Maryanne Barrett. I’m still trying to hunt her down to thank her. After that, my friends and family. I have a stellar support system that just doesn’t quit!

KR:  What do you do to set the mood for you to write?

Kacey:  I love playing music. In fact, I even set a theme song for every book. 

KR:  What’s the one thing you do to pamper yourself?

Kacey:  I get my nails done once a month. I’m not sure anymore if it’s really for the beautification or my chance for a one hour sit down with my nail tech. She’s such a fire cracker! I love chatting with her. She gives me motivation and drive that carries me clear though to my next appointment.

KR:  It’s the holiday season.  As an author, how do you juggle your schedule to find time to write and still enjoy the season?

Kacey:  Ugh! That’s a tough one. My writing tends to get sacrificed to the holiday gods this time of year, but I don’t mind. Going to family functions introduces me to some great characterization I wouldn’t have otherwise found. Seeing the snow, making cookies, playing with the kids, it all provides great sensory opportunities. I do it all in the name of research so I don’t feel guilty and I’m ready to start fresh in the New Year.

KR:  Do you have a holiday memory that stands out in your mind?

Kacey:  My sisters and I would play Mission Impossible to try and catch Santa in the act. We had walkie-talkies, elaborate rope systems—our baby brother was the mole. But we never caught the guy. He’s good!

KR: How funny.  Sounds like you had some fun.  If you could give an aspiring writer some advice, what would it be?

Kacey:  Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. If you want to write, WRITE! You don’t have to be published to be a success, and if you have a gift for telling great stories, the world wants to hear them!

KR:  Great advice.  Where can readers get your books?

Kacey:  On Amazon and my publisher’s website.

KR:  Where can readers contact you?

Kacey:  My facebook fan page is the easiest route.

You can also catch me on twitter @Kacey_Mark
KR:  Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Kacey:  Thank you so much for the opportunity and have a fabulous holiday season!

Thanks Kacey.   I wish you, your family, and readers everywhere a wonderful Merry Christmas.