Friday, May 19, 2017

School Is Nearly Out!

It's that time of year when school is nearly out. You can feel the electricity in the air whenever you are around any school kids. They are counting the days left, looking forward to getting their yearbooks, reading the comments made by their friends. Seniors are in the midst of getting those senior pictures, getting their caps and gowns for graduation, sending out invitations and perhaps attending their last dance. Oh, as summer approaches, they aren't sure what they are planning for the rest of their lives. Fun, exciting time.

I'm looking forward to my oldest grandson's graduation day next week. It's fun to see him shrug when you ask if he is planning to go on to school, get a job, just what his plans are. I remember those same feelings so long ago I won't tell you how long it has been. It's a fun time of year.  Kids getting out of school, memorial day camping trip, and looking forward to the warm summer days.

My granddaughter is excited for yearbook camp, girls camp, family vacation. It's a time to spent at the pool or perhaps boating at one of the lakes in the area, having backyard BBQs, and when I was a kid - oh my so long ago- looking forward to nights at the drive in. Remember those?

Whatever you are looking forward to doing, I hope you enjoy family and friends and whatever plans you have made. Perhaps be lazy and curl up on your patio with a glass of ice tea or cool lemonade and read a good book. That's probably my most favorite time, and if I may, I would suggest my newest book, Cherry Wood Place.

Whatever summer days bring, enjoy!

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey