Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I went Ghost Hunting!

It was a stormy night with unusual energy in the skies, a perfect night for lots of paranormal activity. And I spent the night wandering through the old Tooele Hospital with only my flashlight looking for ghosts!

The hospital is reputed to be one of the most active places for paranormal activity in Utah. They have a team of psychics and paranormal specialists who meet weekly and have recorded some very interesting voices and sightings. They're dedicated ghost hunters who have developed new tools to enable them to record very unusual things.

Our guide was great. She'd personally experienced many unexplained voices, smells, and visitors while she's been in the hospital. She says there's even a cat spirit that has been seen. There's also a room that she refuses to go back into because of the weird things that have happened. Needless to say, I'm a chicken and I didn't go into that room either.

My daughter in law took some random pictures with her digital camera and at first glance, two of them have clear orbs in them. Orbs, we were told, are energy bursts that the spirits use to move around our world with. We showed her pictures to one of the specialists and were warned that we may have had a spirit following us -- definitely unnerving! Later, as we were looking at some of her other pictures, we found one that appears to have the form of a woman standing between two beds in the nursery. Can't wait to see them once they're blown up on the computer.

In the old conference room they've identified three small kids who hang out there. The little spirits play pranks and don't appear to be threatening, but they do like to surprise you by going home with you. We're told they'll talk and move things in your home and drive you crazy teasing you until you get them back at the hospital where they belong (that's what we're told any way.) The night we were there the paranormal specialists actually recorded some activity in the conference room and we got to watch it happen. Unreal.

It's reported that several of the spirits like to follow you home from the tour. Needless to say we definitely let them know they weren't wanted and they were not to go home with us. So far I think that did the trick because I haven't experienced anything unusual at my house. Relief.

Check out their website at http://www.asylum49.com/

Most cities have "haunted" places. Here's an interesting web site you might want to visit. Type in your state and city and see what comes up. http://theshadowlands.net/places

I really enjoyed the tour. Great fodder for a new story -- maybe a hero spirit who follows his heroine home, hmm, have to think about that.

Do you live in a city that's haunted????