Sunday, July 16, 2017

Whispoers by Cindy Stark

Whispers (An Argent Springs Novel) Small Town Romance by [Stark, Cindy]

Don't you love it when you find a new book and it pulls you in and you can't put it down until you reach the end? I found Whispers by Author Cindy Stark and loved it. It was the type of book I couldn't quit, stayed up most of the night, reading until I finished it.

Here's the blurb on Whispers--

Erin Silvestri longs for a place to call home, and she thinks she’s found it in the small mining town of Argent Springs, Colorado. Towering mountains and golden sunshine greet her when she visits her aunt’s Victorian brothel-turned-bed and breakfast. She soon discovers it’s not the former madam of the house who haunts her most. It’s the off-limits, devastatingly handsome mechanic who moonlights as her aunt’s handyman.

Rick Hartigan wants nothing more than to do his job while he awaits the return of the woman he loves. But his employer insists it’s time to move on, and she’s hell-bent on pairing him with her too-tempting niece.

Just when they both start to believe they might have a future, Rick’s former girlfriend returns, and Erin fears she may lose everything she’s come to love.

If you have a chance, pick up a copy. You will be glad you did.

Happy Reading!
K. R. Bailey