Monday, February 23, 2015

I have news!

My newest story, A Perfect Catch, is now available on in kindle format.

Here's a short excerpt:

They pulled the chairs closer to the fireplace. K.C. sensed that Erin relaxed as she stared into the flickering flames. He watched the way her delicate fingers held the coffee mug. He fantasized about her fingers with their neatly trimmed nails. Desire coursed through him, and he longed to hold her hand and kiss her palm, perhaps feel them running over his body.

            He wanted to touch her, to connect with her. When he reached for her hand, he was pleased she let him hold it and clasped her fingers in his. Her skin was soft and warm, her hands small and delicate. She smelled of powder, her hair filled with the scent of lilacs, and he ached to run his hands through her sun-streaked brown hair.

            “You look deep in thought,” Erin said.

            K.C. glanced at their clasped hands then looked at her. “Thinking I’d like to kiss you.”

            Erin attempted to pull her hand away, but he held tightly.

“Don’t pull away from me.” He waited, and when she didn’t move, he leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her mouth.

He heard her quick intake of breath before she pulled her hand from his hold. “It’s late.”

He watched her stand abruptly, and for just a moment, regretted kissing her. When she paused before walking away, he saw the slight blush on her cheeks and relished the feel and taste of her on his mouth.

“Goodnight.” Her voice was businesslike, and she hurried from the room.

He realized he was in trouble. This woman was so different than most of the fluffy, soft, perfumed ladies he dated, and yet he was drawn to her brusque ways. He loved watching the way she smiled or how her face lit up when she talked about fishing. She wasn’t as buxom as many of the women he spent time with, but she had all the right curves. Even though she didn’t try to be, she was all woman.

He sighed.

Why in the hell did she have to be the one he knew would get hurt by what he had to do?


A Perfect Catch should be available in paperback shortly.  I'm also working to have it available in other formats and hopefully that will happen this month.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey