Monday, July 23, 2012

Thought for the Day

Love at First Sight is easy to understand.
It's when two people
Have been looking at each other for years
That it becomes a miracle.

Isn't this the truth?
There's nothing like the excitement of new love, the pounding of your heart when you see that special someone for the first time.  But after being together for years, you get to be comfortable and know what makes a person tick.  Isn't it a miracle to still be able to love and continue loving.

I hope everyone gets to experience that "love at first sight."
Then I wish for everyone that miracle of long-lasting, long-sharing love of being together for years.

My aunt and uncle had been married over seventy-two years.  It's hard to believe people can remain in love after all that time, but they were.  My folks were together for more than fifty years.  They were still in love when we lost my mom.  Isn't that a wonderful miracle?

I wish you all the miracle of falling in love.  May your love become a miracle after years of togetherness.

K. R. Bailey