Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Review - Murder and Lies

Don't you love getting a message with a wonderful surprise?  I got just that - a great review for my newest book, Murder and Lies.  4.5 stars from The Long and Short of It Reviews - woo hoo!

Here's a little bit of what they said:

"A matter of trust, a matter of the heart.  Murder and Lies does deliver on the suspenseful mystery, but doubly so on the feelings of the heart.  This is an absolutely gripping romance.  A must read for sure."

Here's the link - check out the entire review.

I'm having a great day.  Hope you are too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Love Hummingbirds

A friend sent me an e-mail with some wonderful pictures of an albino hummingbird.  I had to share some of them.

I think hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds.  They have such energy.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone found a way to bottle up their energy and sell it?  Think of all that you could get accomplished.

We have hummingbirds that come in to feed at our cabin and it's fun to watch them.  My little grandkids think its fun to see the tiny birds and try to touch them.  Sometimes they get lucky and can hold their fingers out and the bird will come close enough so the kids can feel their wings flit across their fingers.

Aren't these birds beautiful?  I've seen different hummingbirds before, but never an albino.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.  Have a great day.  Spend time doing good things.  Most of all, do things that bring you happiness.  Be happy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thought for the Day

I got this in a fortune cookie last weekend, and I thought it was an awesome one.  So, here's a thought for this week:

Do not rush through life.
Pause and enjoy it.

How many of you slow down and take time to enjoy the many challenges, accomplishments and moments that make you smile.  When your kids want to play, do you take the time to play with them?  When you husband wants to just sit and hold your hand or go for a walk, do you find the time to relax and enjoy being with him?  If a friend calls wanting to go to lunch, do you set aside whatever you're doing and take the time to go?  Do you find the time to stop and watch the sun set and enjoy the beautiful evening?

I know its hard to enjoy the little things in life.  It seems there's always so much to do that it's difficult to sit back but I hope you do.  I know I'm going to try harder each day to slow down and I challenge you to do the same. 

As we head into a new year, put this on your resolution list.  Add it to the goals you've set for yourself.  Take time to appreciate what you have.  Pause now and again and enjoy your life.

Here's wishing you a great day.

Happy reading -- take time to enjoy a bood book.  I plan to.