Monday, August 26, 2019

The Mountain View Cafe

My Newest book - The Mountain View Café - is available for pre-order from for the kindle ebook. Hopefully I'll have the paperback published soon.

Here's  the back cover blurb:

As the owner of the Mountain View Café, Franny Alexander has found a way to move on after losing her husband in the war and surviving a brutal attack. She just wants peace and to enjoy the life she’s created.

The war left Dean Bailey with terrible emotional and physical scars. He now has his own construction company and is attempting to settle into a good life.

Maggie is a lost young woman trying to find her place. An abusive relationship with a drug addict has stripped away her self-esteem. She’s full of bitterness after her mother took her away from her childhood home and had her father declared dead. Now she’s searching for a better life.

Shaun Mathews is a great psychologist who tries to be there for everyone. His life takes an unexpected turn when a young woman rushes into his office and throws him into an impossible situation.

Can these four lost souls, who have struggled to survive the pain and hurt life has thrown at them, find the happiness they are searching for at the Mountain View Café?

Happy Reading!
K. R. Bailey

Friday, August 16, 2019

Weddings Are In The Air

It's summer which brings warm weather, flowers, and fun. It's also the time for romance and garden weddings.

If you like romance with a bit of mystery, try my book, Cherry Wood Place. It's available in both ebook and paperback. I'd love to hear how you liked it!

Here's a brief blurb:
“Sleep well.” His voice was so low she had to strain to hear his words.
“I plan to.”
He didn’t move.
She didn’t want him to. It was wonderful having him stand so near. His shoulders were so wide she was sure they would envelope her if he pulled her into an embrace.
She bit her lip, and he stared at her lips.
She gulped again.
He leaned toward her.
Her breath caught as his face came closer.
She watched him move as if in slow motion and found herself leaning toward him as well. Heat spiked in her. Butterflies fluttered in her belly.
Their lips touched. Briefly. Warm and soft and ah, she wanted more.
He pulled back slightly and looked at her. His eyes had changed to warm gold.
She didn’t move. Heat flared on her cheeks, but she couldn’t look away. He was mesmerizing. She craved another kiss.
As if he could read her mind, he kissed her once again.
She met his kiss with fervor, enjoying the way their tongues teased the other. The kiss deepened. She met his passion, enjoying the spicy taste mingled with a hint of the beer he’d drank. When he put his arms around her and pulled her closer, she felt his chest move up and down as he breathed. Her breasts hardened as they were tickled by the feel of his body rubbing hers.
Her arms went around him. Her hands moved across his back feeling the soft cotton of his shirt against the hardness of his muscles. She couldn’t stop herself from sliding her hand along his shoulders and up into the hair at his neckline. Thick and soft all at once.
He groaned and took a tendril of her hair, rubbing it between his fingers, and kissed her again. Soon her pony tail was pulled free and wild tresses cascaded around her shoulders. He tugged her head back and pressed his mouth harder against hers as if trying to bind them together.
Their kiss lingered. Her world spun at the electricity that surrounded them.
When he finally pulled away, the cold air slammed between them and emptiness knifed through her.
She looked into his eyes while her heart pounded. She fought to catch her breath while he ran his thumb down her cheek.
“I should stop.” He whispered.
“No. Not now.” She groaned. “Kiss me again.”
And he did. A kiss hard and full of passionate heat.


Happy Reading!
K. R. Bailey

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Writing Tips

It's amazing how many people I meet want to write a book. I say go for it. It's a lot of work. It's very time consuming. It's something you have to stick to and keep at it. For me, it's very satisfying to see it come to fruition - hold the  paperback in my hand and smile because it is something I created.

Here's a few writing tips I came up with that might help as you begin your journey as a writer. These tips might help even if you have already been writing or have become a published author.

Writing Tip from K. R. Bailey:

Use the five senses to make your writing come alive. Seems like it’s real easy to describe what the hero or heroine see, but using the other senses makes it so much better and brings your readers right into the scene.

Here is an example:

SIGHT: A beautiful lake nestled amidst tall pines.

SMELL: The pungent scent of pine is mixed with the smell of nearby campfires.

SOUND: A robin sings from the top of an aspen tree, and the buzz of honey bees fill the air as they seek the nectar of the myriad of wildflowers lining the path to the lake.

TOUCH: The air is cool and moist against our skin.

TASTE: The sweet, chocolatey crunch of smores heated on the campfire melt in our mouth.

By adding all five senses, I believe it builds a more rounded picture and it’s easy to relate to what our characters are experiencing.

Create scenes that come alive. Make your readers experience what your hero and heroine are by using all of the five senses.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

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