Monday, June 25, 2012

Secrets of Wolf Creek Pass

I'm excited.  My newest story, Secrets of Wolf Creek Pass, is now available in paperback as well as all e-book formats.

 You can order a print copy through or Barnes and  If you need an e-book format not available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, go to and you can find it most all e-book formats.

This is a Bookstrand Romantic Suspense and a small blurb follows:

 When five-year-old Anna Burke goes missing in the rugged mountains of Wolf Creek Pass, can a stranger understand the clues and find her? To survive the pain and loss of her own daughter's kidnapping and murder, Layne Youngman has closed her heart to everything but helping others find their missing children. As she begins her search, it appears nearly everyone has a secret. Rhys Burke is struggling to survive a bitter divorce. When Anna disappears while in his care, he is consumed with guilt and desperate to find his daughter. What he isn't prepared for is the petite woman investigator who strikes a fire in his heart unlike anything he's ever experienced. Together they must find a way to unravel the clues, overcome the obstacles, and concentrate on finding Anna. What they don't realize is the challenge may be more than they can handle.

For an excerpt, go to and read more!

I'd love to hear how you liked my story.  Happy Reading!