Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm in A Deep Freeze!

In Utah, we're in a deep freeze.  Literally, it's cold -- no freezing is a better word.  You know the kind of cold when you breathe out and your breath freezes when you do? The temperature outside is 3 degrees.  Now I know many other areas are colder, but it's mighty frigid here. I have to admit though it's gorgeous outside.  The sky is blue and the prettiest color I've seen in awhile.  The sun is shining, making the snow-covered ground sparkle.  You'd think you are walking in a sea of diamonds.   The fourteen inches of snow crunches under your feet and icicles hang from the rooftops. 

Skiers are loving it.  Ice fishermen are flocking to the lakes and catching fish.  Me, I'm staying warm by the fire watching the flickering flames and writing a new story.  Want to hear a little about it?  Well, I'm going to tell you about it because I love talking about my stories.

Have you ever been rabbit hunting on an empty expanse of desert with an attractive partner?  Well, my story begins just like that --two avid hunters enjoying an afternoon.  My heroine loves to hunt and, in fact, can outshoot most guys.  My hero is an ordinary guy, but he's strong and protective, loving and sexy, and determined to protect her no matter what.  He's a hero in every sense of the word.

As evening approaches, the weather changes and a huge snow storm hits.  Things go real bad when they get two flat tires, making it inpossible to drive out of the desert and get home.  They find some shelter, meet up with two crooks, and must flea through the storm for their lives. My characters have to find a way to survive in the middle of the desolation where there's nothing but sagebrush, rabbits, coyotes and no civilization for miles.   

There's a sprinkle of delicious sex, some danger and suspense.  It's a short story, a great read.  To find out more, you'll have to wait and buy the story.

Well, I'm off to finish writing.  Check my website -- -- for more information.

Stay warm.  Read a good book.  Watch for my next story.