Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Complete Me

You Complete Me is on the best seller list for Bookstrand.  How cool is that?  It's still not too late to get your e-book.

Have you ever wondered about the characters in a book before you bought the book to decide whether they're someone you can relate to?  Here's a few facts that might help you decide to buy my book, You Complete Me.

Whitney Wilkinson is 32 years old and already she's been through a abusive marriage but can't convince her mother that she wants her ex-husband out of her life for good.  She's still trying to accept that her 18 month old daughter is dead.  She tried to get her medical help, but it was too late by the time she got her to the hospital.  She's struggled for nearly three years to create a new life with a job she loves as a teacher.

Dante Logan lost his wife to cancer, and their 7 year old son, Jeffry, is having a terrible time accepting that his mother is gone forever.  Dante's in-laws are upset because he sold the family home and moved him and Jeffry to a new home that's not full of old memories.

My characters have suffered some terrible things just as we all have done, but they are moving on, they are creating new lives, and when they run into each other again, they realize that their old feelings of attraction surface.

But it would be too easy to just let them have a happily after after right now -- so I've added a few disasters.  Jeffry goes missing.  A stranger seems to be following Whitney.  On top of everything else, the stranger knows something that will shake Whitney to her very core. 

Okay, before I give the plot away, you'll have to read my book to find out what happens.  It's a great story.  It's a multi-racial romance with some twists and turns I hope you'll enjoy.

You Complete Me is only available at for the next few weeks.  After that, you will be able to find it on and Barnes and Noble.  The print version will be available later on.

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Happy Reading!