Saturday, March 24, 2018

Are You Moving In the Right Direction?

Where you stand is not important -- its in what direction you are moving that counts.

I love that thought. Too often I think people worry that they haven't accomplished their goal, they aren't where they want to be in life, or that they may not be successful. But I think this thought says it all. It doesn't matter where you are. You just have to take small steps each day and one day you'll accomplish your goal and reach your dream. Don't have any? Then take time today and set some goals, identify your dream. The small steps will add up. Believe me, they will.

If you talk to various authors, they have a goal of writing a small number of words or pages each day. They know that eventually they'll complete that story or novel. Christine Feehan says her goal is writing seven pages a day. RaeAnn Thayne strives for three short periods a day to write. They aren't all at once, but throughout her day, she tries to find small increments of time to put words on pages. They are moving in the right direction. I strive to find at least an hour each day on my computer to write and I admit alot of the time it is at midnight after my husband goes to sleep. Another thing that I find helps is to always have a notbeook with me. I am constantly playing with story ideas, developing characters, or plotting my story wherever I'm at. For me it works.

Someone on a diet knows they must lose a pound or two a week and over time it adds up to ten, twenty or more pounds lost. They know small steps lead them to success.

Isn’t it frustrating to want to buy something – a new car, a piece of furniture, even expensive jewelry and you don’t have the money. I found a long time ago, saving just a little bit each payday definitely adds up. If you’re patient, even though sometimes that’s hard to do, you’ll eventually have enough for a good down payment to lower the monthly payments or perhaps even enough to go and buy what you want outright. You just have to do it a little at a time.

You can accomplish anything if you want it bad enough. Just take little steps toward your goal and as long as you do it a piece at a time, you’ll get there eventually. Don't let disappointment or stumbling blocks cause you to slide backward.

If it is to be, it's up to me!

K. R. Bailey