Friday, September 13, 2019

The Mountain View Cafe

I'm excited to announce that The Mountain View Café is now available in paperback as well as Kindle Format from

Here's a brief blurb:

“Come here, Franny,” he spoke softly to her.
She paused for just a moment, then walked right into his arms. Trembling at the strength of his embrace, she molded herself against him and looked anxiously into his eyes, then her gaze drifted to his mouth.
“You’re beautiful, Franny,” Dean whispered. “And very charming.”
Her breath hitched at the words offered so unexpectedly. She searched his eyes, looking for the truth, still nervous about accepting people at face value, but he seemed to be honest. She could feel his warmth and knew he was definitely very real.
“Not really,” she laughed, uneasily. Her heart beat erratically, and she was appalled at the reaction she was having to him. Max must have sensed she was uncomfortable because he came over and nudged her.
“It’s okay, boy,” she bent to pet him, breaking the spell. “It’s been a fun day, Dean, but we should head back.”
She tried to move away, but he held her, and she turned to meet his stare. Her gaze traced the hard planes of his face, the small dimple in his chin, the few gray hairs mingled with his dark hair, longish above his ears. She ran her hand through the hair at the nape of his neck which was slightly curling above his collar.
Looking up, she met his kiss. His lips were gentle, and she could smell his sweet breath mingled with the spicy scent she now associated with him.
When it ended, she remained in his embrace, relishing the warmth of his body. His dark brown eyes stared back at her with an intensity that sent a thrill through her

Happy Reading!
    K. R. Bailey