Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thought for the Day

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this ---- decide what you want!
          Ben Stein, Actor and Author

Isn't this just so true? How many times do we wish we had something, but then when we get it, we really don't want it?  I know I've heard, the grass is always greener on the other side, but then when you get to the other side, you want to go back.  We humans are like that, aren't we?  It's hard to decide just what we want.  So I challenge you, decide what you want in life!

Take that first step and make a decision.  It's the hardest part.

Then, and only then, can you start making a plan and taking small steps to accomplish what you want.  Be the person you want to be.  Decide what you want.  Do it today -- I challenge you.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heart of the West Annual Conference

The leaves are changing to the bright, bold beautiful colors of fall in our Utah Mountain.  That means it's conference time.  I just got back from attending our annual RWA Conference in beautiful Park City at the Grand Summit Hotel in the Canyons Resort.  It was a superb conference where I got to meet with other writers, good friends, publishers, editors, speakers, and attend wonderful workshops.  There was so much information provided that it's hard to take it all in, but everyone who attended definitely got their money's worth.  If you didn't attend this year and love writing, learning and networking, put it on your schedule to attend next year.

I had a wonderful surprise the first morning.  We had a brunch with other published writers and to my great surprise, one of our guest speakers was author, Anne Stuart.  I just started reading one of her books and it was great to meet her and talk to her and gain from her wealth of experience.  I also had the opportunity to meet Lisa Mangum, Editor, Shadow Mountain Publishing.  What an interesting young woman who also has several books published and available at Deseret Books.

One of the great perks of this conference is getting loads of free books, many by new authors, some by long-time published authors.  I love reading these books and finding new favorite writers.  

It was two days full to the brim with information, great food, wonderful networking and time spent with good friends and fellow authors.  If you are a writer, or want to be one, definitely plan to attend the Utah RWA Conference next year.