Monday, October 12, 2009

Utah RWA Conference

I just returned from a wonderful Writers Conference sponsored by the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America held at The Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah. Beautiful setting, wonderful rooms, and great service.

It was a fantastic conference with workshops by such authors as Jo Leigh, Lynn Kurland, Nicole Jordan, Elizabeth Lane, Rachel Gibson, Melissa Mayhue and Raeanne Thayne. In addition, we had a special workshop by Jude Bown, author and inspirational speaker. I enjoyed all their words of advice and am amazed at all the talent of these wonderful authors.

We were also lucky to have agents, Kelly Mortimer and Christine Witthohn, as well as editor, Amanda Bergeron from Avon Books, present workshops and a panel for us to ask questions to gain from their knowledge.

If you’re an author or anyone who is striving to achieve a dream, here are few words of wisdom I gained from the workshops and speakers:

You have to take the first step. If you’re an author, put your butt in the chair and start writing.

Never stop learning about the process. Do your homework. Know who to submit your work to, know what they are looking for. Overcome your fears and never stop pushing yourself to do better.

Don’t try to mimick others. Learn your strong points, emphasize those strong points. Find what makes you unique and go for it. Don’t let anyone change that.

Network. Get to know others in the field you’re striving to succeed in. Ask for their help. Be their friend and offer any assistance you can to help them. Always be professional. Look for the positive and don’t complain.

Treasure the small successes and achievements you make. And lastly, Do what you love.