Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Spring!

I've been missing in action for awhile now and the only excuse I have is -- well -- not much. I have been busy with my newest book, Cherry Wood Place. It's now available for pre-order and will be released April 7.

Here's the back cover blurb:
Recently divorced with no job and no future, Emma Kingman knew she had to do something fast. Her meager savings won’t support her for long. Then her friend Ally asks her to plan her wedding. Ludicrous, but an idea starts to grow.

Destiny led her to the perfect place -- an old home large enough for everything she wanted. A call to the realtor began the process of achieving her dream – Cherry Wood Place, her own wedding center. Emma’s future was bright. Or was it?

Realtor, Matt Graham, is relieved to find a buyer for the family home that has sat empty for three years. He’s fascinated with the changes Emma is making to the old homestead. Even though he doesn’t want to get involved, he is intrigued with the determined woman.

Emma’s dream is marred by rumors of the house being haunted, vandals and weird happenings. Matt finds himself wanting to help. But neither Matt nor Emma are ready for the strange things that threaten her and their future together.


Just in time for spring, Cherry Wood Place has the happy ending that is a great way to spend a lovely spring day -- and thankfully we are finally starting to have some lovely spring days.

With the snow nearly gone, the skies are bright blue and the days are getting warmer, I wish you Happy Spring!

Happy Reading!
K. R. Bailey

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Don't you love this time of year?

People are bustling around, lights are twinkling bright, and everywhere people are calling out greetings to each other, whether it be Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays. The focus is on getting everything ready, buying just the right present to make someone happy, and finding the time to accomplish everything and still get to that holiday party you just have to attend.

At this time of year, I like to remember all that I have to be thankful for. I'm lucky to have a good family and a place to call home. I have wonderful friends that I don't see as often as I'd like, but at this special time of year, we try just a little harder to carve out some time to say hi and maybe go to lunch to catch up. For those who don't live nearby, it's a time to send off a Christmas letter, make a phone call or write a quick e-mail.

I don't get much writing accomplished, and I know I should keep to my writing schedule whenever I can, but I do try to find some time to relax, open a book or turn on my kindle and catch up on some reading. That's how I like to relax especially when the weather turns cold and stormy. I like to turn on our fireplace and pull out a good book.

However you celebrate this time of year, take some time to wind down and relax. Remember all you have to be grateful for. Remember good friends, share the love of your family, and if you are far away and can't, write a letter or make a phone call. Remember this time of year is a time for caring and sharing the love in your heart.

Find a good book, and if you can't think of any, I know several great authors and would be glad to recommend one. Just go to my web page - http://www.KRBailey.com and send me a note through my contact page.

Of course, you can always download a copy of my Christmas stories, My Guardian Angel and Lila's Christmas Dream. They're short, easy reads, and I think you'll enjoy them.

Here's a blurb for My Guardian Angel:

After thirty-eight years of marriage, Emma Clawson is alone. A widow.  Her husband has always taken care of everything, the fields, the yard, even plowing snow off the driveway.   She’s spent her life caring for her husband and family.  Now she must find a way to move on. But how? 

Joe Bailey, a handsome widower, involved with a rich, beautiful woman, finds their relationship is lacking.  His family has encouraged him to date, but the women he meets don’t fill the empty void deep in his heart.

When Joe is asked to help harvest the fields for a neighbor, he is drawn to the pretty brown-haired widow with the sad, lonely eyes.  She is fighting the ravages of loneliness and insecurity, and he longs to be there to help and care for her.  Can he find the way into her heart? Will she allow him to help her learn to live again?

Here's a blurb for Lila's Christmas Dream

Lila Hanford has dreams of seeing exotic places and meeting interesting people, but mostly she dreams of running and dancing like other young women her age. Childhood polio left her with a limp, feeling homely and awkward, but she refuses to give up on hopes and dreams. Meeting the freighters each afternoon and feeding the homeless is something she enjoys because they don’t care how she walks. The day Dax Carter, an injured war veteran, hobbles into her life, everything changes. Now she isn't sure if he'll break her heart or if there's enough magic in Christmas to make her dreams come true.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey


Friday, November 18, 2016

Gideon's Second Hand Bride

I just finished reading Gideon's Second Hand Bride by Author Kristin Holt, and I loved it.

A Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Romance Novella (Rated PG)

The last thing John Gideon wants is another wife.
Mere weeks have passed since John buried his wife, but he must trudge forward. For the sake of his three little ones, he has no choice but to remarry. His mail order bride must agree— this marriage will be strictly business.

Permilia is desperate to flee the bonds of marriage…
The War Between The States cost Millie her kind, gentle husband. He came back in body, but his soul was ravaged by war. To save herself and the life of their toddler son, she leaves her abusive husband though she has nowhere to go, no money, no family. A single option surfaces— a farmer has sent for a mail order mother, housekeeper, and help-meet. It’s a marriage in name only, so she justifies disappearing into the west and keeping her secrets.

...a marriage her husband vowed she’ll never escape.
Oliver Owens warned Permilia the only way she’d leave him would be through the undertaker. It’s only a matter of time before he catches his runaway wife.

He doesn’t want a wife.
She doesn’t want a husband.
Marriage of convenience?

I picked up this book and started reading. I knew it was a novella and I was in the mood for a short story. I had no idea it would hook me and I wouldn't be able to put it down. Well, that's what happened. I didn't quit reading until the middle of the night. I had to finish it. Loved it.

If you're looking for something that is easy reading and entertaining, pick up this novella. You will enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hunting - Yes or No?

I just spent three days in the mountains of Northern Utah and so enjoyed it. The cool temperatures were exhilarating. The fall colors are starting to fade, but there were enough bright yellow leaves on the quaking aspens, the brilliant red orange on the oak brush, both set against a background of green pines and clear blue skies with puffy clouds making an awesome sight as we drove our ranger looking for elk. Didn't see many elk, but the deer were plentiful, mostly does and fawns enjoying the nice days. Now and again a big moose would show itself and turkeys and grouse could be seen hunting and pecking in the tall grass.

It was on one of these types of camping trips that my story, Hunting Honeymoon, was thought up. Oh, we now stay in either our cozy cabin or our motorhome with lots of conveniences (yes, flushing toilets) but in our younger days, we took our tent and had some really fun times camping.

Hunting Honeymoon brings back memories of trips where I had to find a brush to hide behind because there was no outhouse. The frustration of having my husband off hunting with his brother and friends. The warm feeling of sitting around a campfire. We cooked over the fire with Dutch ovens and I still feel like our food tasted better when we did.

I'd love you to read Hunting Honeymoon and let me know how you enjoyed it. It's available in ebook exclusively from Amazon.com.

So, I ask -- Hunting -- yes or no!

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Monday, October 10, 2016

Thought For The Month

I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful fall. I know I have. The leaves have changed, but while they were in the process, the vivid colors took my breath away.
Hunting season is upon us -- at least in my family. My husband and my boys are avid hunters and they have been out searching the hills for a big bull elk, a lone buck deer, and the have had some pretty good luck.

I just spent a fun-filled weekend at the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America Conference where I got to meet Kristan Higgins and Brenda Novak as well as other great writers like RaeAnne Thayne and Dean Wesley Smith. Such inspirations. Learned a lot. Mingled with other writers and friends, and topped off the weekend at our Utah RWA 2nd Annual Readers Luncheon. It was a fantastic weekend.

Since coming home, going through all the books and notes and collectibles brought the following thought to mind. I want to share it with you.

I still find each day too short
For all the thoughts I want to think
All the books I want to read
All the walks I want to take
All the friends I want to see.

I hope you enjoy your fall. Take time to fill your days with good things.

And, don't forget, my newest short story - Hunting Honeymoon is now available exclusively through Amazon.com.
A week of perfection
Or Recipe for Disaster?

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hello Again

Hello again - I've been lax in posting and all I can say is, life gets in the way sometimes. I'm sure many of you find the same thing. Your time isn't always your own. Families need attention. There's always housework and yard work and so many things going on. But, I hope you all have had a great summer.

I have been busy and wanted to share a couple of pieces of news with all of you.

I have a new short story that should be out this month. It's title is Hunting Honeymoon.

Analise has her nails done weekly, her hair styled regularly, and dreams of a candlelight steak dinner. 

Mark’s total focus is hunting and fishing. He’s excited to show her the beautiful mountain majesty he loves hoping to teach her to love the outdoors like he does. 

They have planned a hunting honeymoon in the rugged mountains of Utah.

Problem is, she’s not ready for the shock of having to bathe in a cold mountain stream and share him with his hunting buddies. He has no idea why hot dogs and s'mores aren’t the perfect honeymoon dinner.  

Can these two completely different people find a way to make this the perfect beginning of their life together?

Check out my story. I think you'll enjoy Mark and Analise's hunting honeymoon. 

I am doing edits on another story, Cherry Wood Place. I love the cover designed by Kelli Ann Morgan of Inspire Creative Services.  What do you think?
Watch for Cherry Wood Place. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can announce it has been released!

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Great Advice

A friend gave me the following and as I read through it again tonight, I found myself thinking it is so true. I don't know who wrote it, but I wanted to share the thoughts with you.

Every super-successful person's gotta do what they love.

You'll never walk if you don't take the first step.

You can dream, you can talk, but at some point you have to do it.

Tenacity: you're gonna get knocked down. Take your knocks and get right back up.

You might get a hundred doors slammed in your face. So go to door 101.

You have to keep your credibility.

That's the Ronald Reagan School of Management.


Some people live in the negative. They are the naysayers. They say it can’t be done. They say it will never be good. Ignore them. Think for yourself. You can do it.


K. R. Bailey